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Ernest Rossi

General manager of Eli Lilly & Company

Ernest Rossi, Ph.D. is an internationally recognized psychotherapist and expert on creativity and mindbody healing. He is the author of 36 books and over 170 research papers published in many languages. Dr. Rossi’s writing and research describe advances in creative work, therapeutic hypnosis, psychoneuroimmunology, and the experiential dimensions of healing. He is widely recognized for his inspiring and insightful presentations. Nurses, psychologists, coaches, and allied health professionals applaud his wealth of practical information and his ability to describe key concepts with eloquence and warmth. His most recent books are Creating Consciousness, (2011, In Press), Ultradian Rhythms from Molecule to Mind: A New Vision of Life (Co-edited with David Lloyd, Springer, 2008), The Breakout Heuristic (Milton H. Erickson Foundation Press, 2007), The Psychobiology of Gene Expression: Neuroscience and Neurogenesis in Hypnosis and the Healing Arts (W. W. Norton, 2002) and A Dialogue with Our Genes: The Psychosocial Genomics of Therapeutic Hypnosis and Psychotherapy (Zeig-Tucker-Theisen, 2004). He recently updated CDs of the New Neuroscience Edition of Collected Papers of Milton H. Erickson and a dozen other books co-authored with him.