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Ann Boroch

General manager of Eli Lilly & Company

Ann Boroch is a certified nutritional consultant, naturopath, clinical hypnotherapist, certified iridologist, educator, author, and inspirational speaker. Ann healed herself from Multiple Sclerosis and has been symptom-free for 16 years. Her successful practice of 13 years in Los Angeles, California, has helped thousands of clients achieve optimum health. Ann’s passion is to help people realize that the body has an innate intelligence that allows it to heal itself—the key is to give it the right environment for a long enough period of time.

Ann has appeared on national radio and television, including a feature appearance on The Montel Williams Show, where she promoted her breakthrough book, Healing Multiple Sclerosis (also in Spanish and Italian) that was released 2007. Her latest book, The Candida Cure: The 90-Day Program to Beat Candida and Restore Vibrant Health (also in Italian and French) came out March 2009. Her website